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Shortage of Dentists in Delhi?

In the fantastic rural community of Delhi, Ontario, in Norfolk County, many services happen to be in short supply.

Doctors and Dentists typically aren’t lured to these smaller towns, even though they offer a certain charm, and peacefulness away from bigger city living.

Unfortunately, when this is the case, you may have to travel to a neighbouring city that has ample supply of Dental professionals… For instance, if you live in Delhi, but can never get an appointment with your already overworked dentist… It may be time to take a drive to Simcoe.

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Many have written on the merits of operating a small town dental operation

If You Live in Delhi, Ontario but Work in Simcoe, Ontario…

If you are among the many who drive daily from Delhi to Simcoe, you may consider switching your dentist to one in Simcoe. If you’re having trouble getting convenient dentist appointment times, this might be just the switch you need.

Certain dentists who will serve residents from Delhi understand this shortfall and have offered their services at later hours. Sometimes, for example, Donly Dental is open until 7pm. If you have a typical 9am-5pm job in Simcoe, this is the perfect solution to your appointment woes.

Simply hop on over to Donly Dental while on your way home to Delhi, and they’d be more than thrilled to take you on.

Donly Dental isn’t the only practice serving Delhi and area, but it certainly is a great place to start.

If You Just Can’t Get in to your Delhi Dentist Office

Again, it’s worth noting that this isn’t slamming Delhi or dentists who already operate in the area. There are indeed plenty of great options.

This is more an issue of availability, open hours, and just whether or not these dental professionals are even taking on patients. A small town, still has a lot of teeth that need tending to every six months or so.

Has your Delhi Dentist let you down, or just becoming inconvenient? Since it’s less than 20 km, and most of that is Highway 3, it’s about 15 minutes to get from Delhi to Simcoe.

The best dentist in Delhi needs not actually be located in the town itself, and that is the beauty of the near proximity of these two towns.

If a drive of less than 20 minutes isn’t enough to make you consider a different option, then you may be stuck waiting for an opening for a much longer time.

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How I Travelled for Dentists

For a couple years after I moved to Delhi, my family would travel back to Caledonia for dental appointments. It was less than convenient, but then again, that is a much longer drive than Delhi to Simcoe.

Ultimately we found a closer dentist, though it still required a little bit of travel. Much better to travel 15 minutes than 45 minutes. To say the least!

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